Martin Business Development

Why companies do business with us

Each company has very intrinsic selecting criterias when it comes to choosing a service provider. Beyond the obvious requirements of professionalism, reliability and competence, our company also distinguishes itself for the following:

We become part of the company but remain unobtrusive and independent [expand...] +

From the moment we conduct our first meeting we become one with our client’s company. As a part of the team, so to speak, we share information through executive and staff meetings, discuss any issues, questions, goals etc. Whatever our clients want to know or share, we are just a phone call away. At the same time, we strive to be as inconspicuous as possible in order not to affect our client’s everyday work and most communication can be conducted through emails if deemed more appropriate. We also retain our independent and fresh outlook on all matters, which is a trademark of any first-rate consultant.

We detail facts, work in a sequential way but see the big picture, future implications and possibilities [expand...] +

Although we try to keep details over technicalities to a minimum for the sake of clarity, our work is known for its precision and transparency. Every step in explained and conducted in a sequential and detailed manner. For more complex projects, we provide monthly informative reports enumerating the tasks performed and summarizing what is yet to be done. But although we painstakingly gather and lay out all the relevant data and information, we never lose sight of the big picture. We always ask ourselves “what could be” or “what will be” in order to share with our clients the best possible ideas and potentialities.

Our process is logical, proven by facts, but the people impact is our top priority [expand...] +

In any aspect of our business development projects, logic rules. Every single tool or process we use has been tested and proven several times over. We provide proof and credentials for all the data and research we present. Now, all the reasoning in the world cannot overcome the people impact. We always match our reason with sensibility, always keeping in mind the effects on people, whether on an individual, a company or a whole community.

We are clear and scheduled but remain flexible [expand...] +

From the onset of any project we will follow a detailed schedule, program meetings and schedule any intervention or report due date. Although we do our best to adhere to a specific timeline and organizational system, we understand the need for flexibility. We know how to adapt to our client’s specific needs and would never miss an opportunity for the sake of blindly following a agenda.

To recapitulate

  • Providing proof for all data, considering all facts, and basically, getting work done efficiently and accurately

  • Always keeping in mind the personal attention to our clients. Anything we can do to cater to their specific needs and preferences is of utmost importance

  • Having vision! We like fresh ideas and outlooks, and always strive to make a difference in your business

  • Excellence. ‘Above average’ is unacceptable for us. Competence and achievement are our driving force

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